Found this on the Teacher's union website.

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Found this on the Teacher's union website.

Post  HopefulInPh on Thu Mar 17, 2011 9:44 pm

Less Responsibility, Same Pay

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On March 22, the current High School Principal will leave her position to become the sixth grade associate principal at Linton Middle School. According to Monday's board agenda, she will do so at her current salary of $93,600.

According to documents obtained through district Right-to-Know officer, Rick Liberto, this makes her the sixth highest paid administrator in the district:

1.Superintendent - $140,000
2.Director of Secondary - $103,000
3.Director of Special Education - $101,000
4.Associate Middle School Principal - $99,000
5.Director of Business Operations - $97,700
6.High School Principal (Associate Principal Middle School) - $93,600
7.Director of Elementary - $90,000
The current High School principal has twelve years experience and has been in her position for two years.

The move also includes a reduction in responsibilities. She will go from supervising 99 professional and 19 classified employees to supervising no one.

The current middle school configuration includes two so-called building principals. One is responsible for grades five and six and the other grades seven and eight. Both administrators will make less than the new sixth grade associate principal who will now fall under the supervision of the grade five and six principal Mrs. Barker:

1.Grade 7 and 8 principal - $83,000
2.Grade 5 and 6 principal - $74,000

The associate principal whom the High School principal is replacing, left to take a position in another district. He was hired in August 2009 at an annual salary of $65,000. The associate principal for grades seven and eight, has 29 years of service, has been in his position for 13 years and makes $99,000 annually.

The district is currently in the midst of a budget crisis and stands to lose $3.9 million dollars in state subsidy for next school year.

During the March 14, 2011 public voting meeting the nine board members voted unanimously in favor of transferring the High School Principal to Linton as an associate principal at current salary.

Is it just me or does anyone else find it strange that the Teacher's Union would publicly take a swipe at an Principal that works side by side with the Teacher's to educate students? Seeing how often the District moves Principals I find it hard to believe this is the first time a situation like this has occurred.

Also, at the last School Board meeting Erin Vecchio and Heather Hoolahan both made comments which in my opinion were public attacks against The Principal.

Furthermore, about two months ago Mrs. Vecchio at a school board meeting, made a public statement, directed at Ms.Gatti, that Ms.Gatti should be fired!

So what's going on? More inside politics? Someone with a little bit of power doesn't like Ms Gatti? The Lemon Dance?

Drama that should not be taking place in our School District, which our new Superintendent seems to understand, (applause, applause) to Mr.Washington for not allowing Mrs.Vecchio and Mrs Hoolahan to use our School Board meetings for professional lynchings!

Mr. Washington is a breath of fresh air, maybe now we can start to move forward!

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