A new Erin?

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A new Erin?

Post  Nosmo King on Thu Jun 07, 2012 3:31 pm

Some musings from an uncredentialed reported.

It has occurred to me that the board has acquired an Erin Vecchio incarnate.
By that I mean of course, a person that speaks to hear herself speak, someone who is disinterested in anything anyone else has to say, and someone who will use the board seat as a bully pulpit.
Through my attendance at board meetings, and other gatherings that I have attended, I have had the opportunity to gather information that helps me form the opinion that this newly elected member fancies herself as a power broker.
How quickly the population of Penn Hills forgot that they had tired of Heather Hoolihan and her antics.
Perhaps they thought that if they elected her, board meetings might run a little more smoothly and end at a reasonable hour, while all they managed to do was give her a personal microphone which the president and solicitor can not control.
We are in for a long hard ride Penn Hills, and as long as you keep electing people like Hoolihan and Bob Hudak, the ride will never be smooth.

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