Attack on Public Schools and the Teacher's Union!!

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Attack on Public Schools and the Teacher's Union!!

Post  HopefulInPh on Tue Aug 21, 2012 7:06 pm

I was reading a thread on FB yesterday evening.... and someone suggest reading up on Privatization of Public Schools. So being in bed sick with a cold, I decided to seriously research this topic, what I learned shocked me.

The Plan. Get the Tax dollars that is used to fund "Public Education", moved to for profit Corporations. Also, destroy the NEA (the largest professional organization, and largest labor union in the United States.)

Implementation of NCLB. "No child left behind" was never meant to improve the Public School System, it was only meant to highlight "certain" problems within the Public School System.

Why does the NCLB report test results in sub-groups? To divide, and outline the "achievement gap."

Why was it necessary to focus on the "achievement gap"? The divide was needed to keep the Union, School Officials, Teachers, Parents, and Tax Payers fighting each other. It is easy to divide based on race and income bracket, no one ever wants to accept any blame for these educational disparities.

Also, focusing on the achievement gap would rally African American politicians, and the lower income public to fight for the cause. (Not knowing they were fighting to end public education and destroy the biggest Union in the US.)

The two biggest parts of NCLB.

#1 How the test results are reported. "Sub-groups"
#2 The clause that states students my transfer from failing Schools.....BINGO!!

With these two in place.... The tax payers divide from the Public "Schools", the Union and Teachers. Parents/tax payers start fighting for Charter schools. The beginning of seeing tax dollars taken form the public schools system and given to "Corporations", "Big Businesses" for profit ....profit that's going into the pockets of individuals!!

Next, cut funding to the public schools system, it was time to "tank" the public school system's test scores!! Why?

To Rally the troops... We all saw the battle with SB 1, "Public School Choice" ... we all took a side, fought each other, we had no idea, the battle was never about how do we give African American, and low income children a fair chance in life. It was never about a quality education for any child!!

The real battle was "HOW do we TAKE tax dollars, and let it be used by Corporations for profit?" HOW do we do it!!! This far into the game, it was ALREADY a done deal, it was just about HOW!

When the fight about tax dollars going from public schools, to private schools to fund low income children's education became so intense ....Bye Bye PA SB1, Hello PA HB761 "The Education Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program", expand and already existing program.

You never heard about HB 761 did ya? Where was all the publicity, like with SB1? No publicity, quiet.. until AFTER the bill was signed!

"The Education Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program" is just another move to destroy the Public School System and take down the biggest union.

Unfortunately, the divide is there, as parents we must do what's best for our children. It's a parent's right to chose what they feel is best for their child. No one can blame a parent for doing that.

BUT....... ALL should have an understanding of what is really going on, and why something like this CAN happen..... Until WE, Parents, Teachers, The Teacher's Union, Tax payers, and School Officials WAKE UP and realizes.... black, white, middle class, poor........we are ALL in the same Class! Until we learn how to stick together and work together..., the Public School System, as we know it, and the Teacher's Union....They are DOOMED!!!

Eventually, while we're fighting each other, tax dollars will be move to benefit Corporations, profits will go to Individuals! We'll be paying taxes under the pretense that were paying for a quality education for our children...... but we'll be paying to put money in some individual's pocket.

No worries, the test will go away..... but what will we be stuck with? Evil or Very Mad


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This was always my gripe.

Post  Rosedale Resident on Thu Aug 23, 2012 6:31 pm

When Imagine was selling the bill of goods to the Penn Hills residents, they told everyone, "It's your tax money, you should be able to use it to get your child a great education."

My reply was, no you can't take money from the PUBLIC school system to sent your child to a school that is not public. If you have to depend on a lottery to gain admission, then it is NOT a PUBLIC school.

In my mind, if you want something other than what the local district offers, then you must pay your own way and still pay the local district their share. When you got into the child rearing business, you knew that taxes funded education, Like it or not it is y/our responsibility to fund the schools. Quality education is available in Penn Hills. We need to get more quality students.

I honestly feel that most teachers could handle classes of 40 or more students if they had only one class clown, the trouble is that they have 30 students and 15 clowns.

I am not advocating class sizes of 40 or more, just fewer clowns.

Administrators everywhere have to remind the public that the Administration is there to insure that students achieve, not to placate a few parents and board members.
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