YMCA Health and Wellness

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YMCA Health and Wellness

Post  Ronaldo_Kelly on Fri May 13, 2011 5:41 am

YMCA helps the development of the body, mind and the spirit. It offers programs for people of all races and ages. The YMCA in each location is tailored to the needs of the people in that area.
Health and Wellness is a program offered by the YMCA in many of its centers. All the new members using the fitness equipment are scheduled an orientation in order to learn proper technique and safe usage of the machines.
Personal Fitness Program is one of the programs which lasts for 12 weeks and is designed for an individual who finds it tough to dedicate him or herself to a fitness program.
Personal training is an effective way to workout. One of the YMCA personal trainers can help the member achieve his goals if he has specific goals and want a program designed specifically for him. The YMCA has trainers who are certified.
The High Steppers is a group of seniors who meet on Tuesday mornings at the YMCA to rehearse dance routines and exercise. They generally perform at retirement homes, fairs, parades and many other special events.
YMCA Active Older Adults (AOA) is a group of members who meet the last Friday of every month for a pot-luck luncheon or a lunch outing. The 50+ members are offered many different class formats. Special classes for this age group include Walking classes, Senior power hour, Basic cardio, Basic flex, Senior Pilates and Silver Sneakers. To stay fit and healthy long past retirement one should work out with the YMCA Active Older Adults.
ali sharaf, the President and CEO of Victron Energy, indirectly helps the community by donating funds to such organizations.


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